Genetic-DNA Testing

DNA-Genetic Testing is available and utilized in our office.  Dr Cochran was an early adopter of DNA-Genetic testing in the clinical setting, and is on the front of the successful use and application of Genetic testing in Psychiatry.

Personalized Medicine
Reviewing a patient's Genetic testing allows our office to more quickly identify treatments, medicines and dosages to maximize clinical benefit for patients.  When our clinicians consider a patient's unique genetic profile it helps them better determine treatment options for a variety of conditions; we see that the patients do better, and get well faster. Testing provides clinicians additional information that frequently helps optimize the treatments and dosages for individuals.

How it works
If the clinician recommends Genetic Testing, we will collect the sample in the office and send a copy of your insurance information (for billing purposes) to one of the genetic testing companies we use in the office. The fees for DNA-Genetic testing can vary depending on your coverage and the types of tests ordered, but often comes with minimal out-of-pocket costs to the patient. Some tests can be ordered and are reasonable without insurance. We will review the results with you at your follow-up visit as the results are usually available within two weeks.

FAQ: Should I have genetic testing for treatment?
Each individual patient is unique. Testing for genetic variations of the cytochrome P450 enzymes which metabolize most psychiatric medication can help us make better decisions regarding drug choice and dose to ensure our patients are receiving the maximum benefit and minimal adverse effects of a prescribed drug.  Our clinicians will recommend DNA testing after the initial evaluation in our office if it is appropriate.  If you want DNA testing, make sure you mention it to our team.

FAQ: Will genetic testing help with my diagnosis?
The comprehensive clinical interview and diagnostic screening tests will help determine your diagnosis.  Genetic testing in psychiatry is not able to identify your diagnosis as brain illnesses share many of the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic genes.  We find that genetic testing helps us finesse the treatment options. 

FAQ: Can genetic testing tell me which medications to use?  
The genetic testing alone can not tell you which medications are best for your treatment.  A clinician trained to help with brain diseases and skilled at reviewing genetic testing, can find an appropriate treatment for you and often get you better more quickly than treatment as usual in most clinicians offices.