Toronto - 3rd Annual Clinical TMS Society

The 3rd Annual Clinical TMS Society meeting was in Toronto, May of 2015. The meeting started just before the APA (Annual Psychiatric Association) meeting, so members could attend both events.   

Dr Cochran and Lauren Valencia, our TMS Coordinator represented our office and Nashville well! Dr Cochran was part of the planning committee this year and was able to recruit or help recruit some of the pioneers of TMS research, as well as some researchers with promising treatment options in the future as speakers. She was also voted to the Executive Board - Member at Large after the meeting.
John O'Reardon, MD, below,  is one of the earliest researchers of the TMS as we know it today. He is currently an associate professor of Psychiatry and director of the Treatment Resistant Depression program in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cochran sharing a moment with John O'Reardon below.

Lauren and her husband took an excursion to Niagara Falls, so we couldn't resist a photo!