Dr Cochran Spoke at Clinical TMS Society Meeting May 3rd-5th 2014, New York, NY (plus a little time for a few New York landmark visits;)

Dr Cochran is presenting at the Clinical TMS Society Meeting around the APA meeting  May 3rd-5th 2014.  The Symposium date is May 4th 2014 and Dr Cochran will present at 2pm.

1:30 pm: Philip Janicak, MD
The Durability of TMS’ Acute Antidepressant Effects: A Review of the Literature
2:00 pm: Jay Lombard, DO and Michelle Cochran, MD
Clinical Applications of Genetic Testing on a TMS Practice
2:30 pm: Yechiel Levkovitz, MD
Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Major Depression:  From Animal Models to Clinical Application

3:00 pm: Break

3:30 pm:  Mark A. Demitrack, MD, FAPA
NeuroStar TMS Therapy as the Standard of Care: A Comprehensive Review of Safety and Effectiveness in Research and Clinical Practice

4:00 pmMoshe Isserles, MD
Current dTMS CE Approved Indications
4:30 pm: Samah Baki, MD, PhD
Concurrent Utilization of EEG with rTMS