Following is a list of our more commonly used tests.  Not listed are a wide range of adult forensic evaluations we also administer.  If you know you specifically want a certain test or assessment for you or folks in your organization, please email our office  before you fill out any paperwork in the office.

All tests and assessments are administered by an experienced PhD Psychologist.
  • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - III
  • Wide Range Achievement Test – 4
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test – 5
  • Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scale
  • Child Behavior Checklist
  • Integrated Visual-Auditory Continuous Performance Test
  • Dyslexia Screening Test
  • Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test Edition 2
  • Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
  • MMPI-A2
  • Personality Inventory for Youth
  • TAT
  • MACI
  • SASSI-A2
  • PHQ-9:  Patient Health questionnaire
  • GAD-7:  Generalized Anxiety Disorder questionnaire
  • IDS:  Inventory of Depressive Symptoms
  • HAM-D: Hamilton Depression screener
  • BSDS:  Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Screener
  • MDQ:  Mood Disorder Questionnaire
  • SAGE:  Self Administered Geropsychiatric Evaluation
  • MoCA:  Montreal Cognitive Assessment
  • and multiple other assessment tools for specific symptoms